Vaccinations are Not New

It boggles my mind that vaccinations have turned political. I do understand that there is a risk in taking a vaccination of any kind. I do understand that there is a government program for Vaccination Injury compensation and has paid out to families before. And I do understand that some people are worried about losing someone they love. But it’s that last point that should make you stop and think, before you throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Penn and Teller put together a now-famous video demonstrating survival with and without vaccinations, using crude percentage rates of death, as well as an unorthodox way of having test subjects “succumb” to diseases.

As you can see, Vaccinations have been around for a very long time and have been integral to a society’s success and growth. Yet, with the advent of the internet and it’s vast knowledge and news; somehow misinformation is spreading faster than actual knowledge is, and misinformed, un-vetted voices are contradicting science, and things that have been tested.

Social media has given rise to baseless ideas and claims that have very little evidence, if any. We are now talking about a man who has spent millions of his own fortune to help others that can do absolutely nothing for his own wealth – and yet somehow he’s the bad guy?

Despite all the software tracking going on in everyone’s computer, phone and car – we also have traffic cameras scanning faces and license plates every time you drive down the street. You think you have privacy and are in the land of the ‘free’ – when in reality you just haven’t shown up on anyone’s radar yet and are one lawsuit or arrest away from living a very miserable life. You are as much in control of your identity as the government is control of you. It’s a very dark grey area.

And yet still people believe the tracking is going to come from nano bots inside a syringe, or a mark on someones arm.

We should be so lucky….

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