Quiet Companion

This month marks year number 7 for my feline friend, Dot.

Upon moving out of my parents house in 2013, a new litter of kittens at my friends house were looking for a new home, and my only regret is I only took one. Still don’t know the exact date she was born, but here’s the day after I picked her up.

Early on, we had an incident where she swallowed butchers string and needed surgery. She still wont go near a cat carrier to this day.

Her teal mouse is still her favorite toy by far.

Dot is basically a feral cat, trusting only her family, and running for the hills when anyone else comes near. She has been known to befriend some of my friends, but her reputation of slashing and dashing precedes her.

All that being said, she’s the sweetest thing in the world and is loving the fact that I have joined her in the quarantine life.

Everything I own is covered in Cat hair.

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